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Lisa  van Heereveld

Lisa van Heereveld

KTP Associate



Lisa van Heereveld works on a KTP with Newcastle University and Byker Community Trust. She is reseaching how housing associations like BCT can adopt innovative approaches to value co-creation. This involves researching how customers may respond to invitations to co-create value (and how this is affected by their social context), as well as how BCT can change its bottom-up management approach to facilitate co-creation.

Aside from the KTP project, Lisa supports innovative early-stage start-ups with free Marketing and PR support. She also recently joined pre-revenue startup Hyldu which aims to connect entrepreneurs with enterprising individuals to address skills gaps and help form better teams.

Lisa has a broad interest in areas of start-ups, marketing, social innovation and technology. She wrote her Masters dissertation on financial self-sustainment in the not-for-profit sector, focusing on institutional logics. Lisa is currently particularly interested in looking at how funding within non-profit sectors works differently from funding in for profit sectors, e.g. comparing levels of due diligence with organisational performance.

Lisa's work experience includes working for a variety of charities and non-profits, from multi-million contracts to small self-sustaining organisations, as well as working for regional venture capital funds.