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Engaging with Britain's talent

ESRC's Business Engagement Opportunities Scheme supports Central Government initiatives developed to position the UK as an economy able to deliver unique value in global business markets. The scheme ideally with co-funding partners– enables social science researchers to spend time with specific sectors, to encourage knowledge transfer and exchange and assist business sustainability. A tailored package of activity includes placements, conducting case studies and organising workshops and seminars. A team from the University of Newcastle focused on creative industries. Along with other relevant contacts, they collaborated with a business partner – the Northern Cultural Skills Partnership (NCSP), which supports more than 2,000 practitioners and companies in the cultural sector of the North East of England.

About the project
The project brought together five academics from the University of Newcastle' Business School, CultureLab and School of Art and Culture, led by Professor Feng Li, along with Judy Seymour, Director of NCSP. They used interviews, bservations and other direct interactions to understand business models in the creative sector and explore emerging opportunities and challenges.

Placements were considered essential for the team to gain first-hand experience and a genuine understanding of how these businesses work. Rather than spending a prolonged period with one or a limited number, they decided that each researcher should use the allocated time productively with a wide range of organisations.

More information can be found here.