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Deadline: 15/02/2009

3rd IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies IEEE DEST 2009

Special Track on E-Learning Ecosystems
3rd IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies IEEE DEST 2009
1-3 June 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

The main conference theme of DEST 2009 is to strengthen ICT to support different digital ecosystems, especially focusing on cyber engineering and human space computing. It is the study of triangle relationship between industries, human endeavours and advanced ICT. Get more information at http://dest2009.debii.curtin.edu.au

The special track E-Learning Ecosystems focuses in particular on approaches and application of ecosystems for knowledge transfer and learning purposes.

Track Chair
Christian Guetl, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Organizational Team
Alexander Nussbaumer, Graz University, Austria Mohammad Smadi, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Our society of the 21st century makes great demands on its members in virtually every part of their lives. It is expected that members of the society keep pace with mutable situations, adapt their skills and expertise, and collaborate and compete to provide to some extent value for the society. As a result, modern instructional design, learning goals and processes as well as appropriate learning environments must support the development of the aforementioned skills and expertises. Consequently, educational approaches have changed dramatically over time from remedial repetitive learning to today's learning with an understanding to become more independent in the learning process, strengthen metacognitive and teamwork skills as well as link knowledge in cultural context to be prepared for lifelong learning. Educational approaches have also been influenced by technology but have also increasingly applied technology over the last decades.

This complexity of modern learning setups of the 21st century demand appropriate models and reference architectures which support (a) to communicate the conception of topical learning from different viewpoints, (b) to identify the multidisciplinary relations of research areas, (c) to assess and classify learning approaches and implementations, (d) to provide domain knowledge for research and development activities. But such modern learning settings also require flexible approaches and technological solutions. E-Learning Ecosystems can provide both: it provides the foundation for interesting models and frameworks but it also focuses on modern technology as the infrastructure for enhanced e-learning environments.

Based on the ecosystem conception and the digital business ecosystem idea, this track welcomes original and quality contributions in areas including but not limited to

-    Models and framework for topical learning
-    Flexible and distributed learning environments
-    Learning and training in virtual organizations
-    Knowledge management in educational organizations
-    New adaptive e-learning approaches
-    Personalized learning environments
-    Semantic web based learning environments
-    Web 2.0 based learning environments
-    Collaborative and group learning
-    Trust building in distributed learning environments

Important Dates
Full Paper Submissions: 15 February 2009 (extended deadline) Paper Acceptance Notifications: 1 March 2009 Final 'Camera Ready' Papers Due: 15 April 2009
Workshops: 31 May 2009
Conference: 1-3 June 2009

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