ESRC: Identifying and promoting sustainable business models in creative industries

In partnership with: 

Project’s Team

Principal Investigator: Prof. Feng Li

Joanna Berry
Sally Jane Norman
David Butler
Judy Seymour

Researcher/Project Manager:
Danielly Netto

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Project Background

This ESRC funded project aims at investigating sustainable business models in the creative industries. The UK government recognises the economic contribution the creative industries make to the overall economy and organisations such as NESTA are keen to make the ‘business’ of creative industries an important agenda for the future. In this project we are interested in understanding a variety of issues which make the creative industries unique:

  • Why are some sub-sectors of the creative industries commercially successful while others struggle to survive and grow?
  • How can we understand what ‘value’ is in the creative industries?
  • What is success for those working in this sector? Why are some businesses and individuals in this industry able to commercialize their products successfully while others spend a lifetime struggling financially?
  • Are the activities of the creative industries different from other industries?

The project is now coming to an end and we have engaged with over 150 people involved in the creative industries both regionally and nationally ranging from architects, dancers, musicians, photographers and designers to large software and media publishing firms.

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