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Erin Coulson

PhD Student

Erin Coulson

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Upon completion of her BSc in International Business Management, Erin specifically focused on gaining marketing and data analysis experience working with firms including Diageo (Global Supply of Bailey’s) among a number of smaller start-up firms which included gyms and spas. Erin is currently reading for a Phd in marketing.

Erin Coulson works on a KTP with Newcastle University and Royston Limited. She is helping to develop an enhanced e-marketing ability for Royston through the use of data analytics, the incorporation of co-branding and co-creation campaigns in order to ultimately develop an optimal digital strategy and embed this within the company.

Erin has a number of interests particularly within international business, marketing, market culture, social media marketing and data analytics. Her dissertation focused on the possible discrimination between different religions/cultures within the workplaces of Northern Ireland and the institutional theory in relation to this.

  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Co-creation

Conference Presentations


  1. Coulson E, Coleman S, Papagiannidis S, Yannopoulou N (2020). A/B Testing of factors influencing the Impact of B2B Social Media Posts in an SME. 20th International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB2020).

  2. Coulson E, Coleman S, Papagiannidis S, Yannopoulou N (2020). Design of Experiments for Business Improvement in SME Marketing Strategies.. European Network of Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS-20).

  3. 2019

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