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Dinara  Davlembayeva

Dinara Davlembayeva

Research Assistant



Dinara Davlembayeva is a PhD Candidate at Newcastle University Business School. She has a professional experience and an academic background in marketing, strategy and product management. Dinara holds a Master's degree in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Warwick, Warwick Business School (UK), an MBA Degree in Marketing and Sales from KIMEP University (Kazakhstan) and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the American University-Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan).

Dinara's research interests include the application of innovative technology in people's lives, consumers' behaviour in online communities, the effect of online systems on social organisations and outcomes of grassroots innovations. The research project that Dinara is undertaking is aimed to examine the acceptance of the sharing economy, taking into account interdisciplinary insight on the phenomenon. The focus of the research is to investigate the foundations of collaborative activities, carried out in cyberspace, from the perspective of technology and socio-economic structures. Dinara also endeavours to grasp the impact of the engagement with the sharing economy on the consumer well-being and social inclusion. The study will make possible to understand consumers' value orientation and explain the shift towards collective modes of consumption.

Supervisors: Prof Savvas Papagiannidis , Dr Eleftherios Alamanos

Research interests

  • information communication technologies
  • innovation
  • technology adoption
  • e-marketing/ e-commerce
  • consumer behaviour
  • decision-making
  • online communities

Research Tag Cloud


  • British Academy of Management



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Conference Presentations


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