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Hasty Nurul Utami

Hasty Nurul Utami

PhD Student



Hesty has an academic background in agribusiness, agro socio-economic and marketing. She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from Master of Management Program (MM) Padjadjaran University (Indonesia) and a Bachelor’s degree in Agro Socio-Economics from Padjadjaran University (Indonesia).

Hesty’s research interest include the application of value co-creation in the agribusiness sector, customer involvement, customer shopping experience and food consumption value. The research project that Hesty currently undertaking is aimed to examine and understand the value-based concept in marketing, with particular concern on value co-creation, perceived value, and value capture. The study will also observe the foundations of collaborative activities within the emerging marketing channels to understand the willingness-to-involve in value co-creation. The comprehensive insight from the perspective of business markets as well as customers can shape the representation of competitiveness as the art of marketing environmental dynamics that shared and generated the co-created value.

Supervisors: Dr Eleftherios Alamanos

Research interests

  • Value Co-Creation
  • Consumer Behaviours
  • Customer Shopping Experience
  • Customer Involvement
  • Food Marketing
  • E-commerce Food Purchase
  • SMEs

Conference Presentations


  1. Utami HN, Alamanos E, Kuznesof S (2019). Going digital: SMEs Based Food E-commerce Engaging Customer through Customer Needs-Driven. Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB). Vol. 2019, pp. 526-529.