BAM Conference

The ebusiness and egovernment track saw many interesting papers presented during the British Academy of Management 2008 conference held in Harrowgate.

  • Identifying Sustainable Business Models in the Creative Industries by Li, Feng; Netto, Danielly; Berry, Joanna
  • Digital Technology: Some Observations on it impact on the visual arts, main sector and cultural businesses by MoinNamini, Susan; Patel, Nandish V
  • What Purpose E-Business?  An Exploratory Investigation into Emerging Practices of UK independent Television & Film Producers by Nikolychuk, Lynne; Abbott, Pamela
  • A Taxonomy of eBusiness by Beynon-Davies, Paul
  • Space for Change or Changing Spaces: Exploiting Virtual Spaces of Consumption by Laing, Angus; Hogg, Gill; Newholm, Terry
  • Corporate Wikis Supporting Business Partnerships by Barlow, Alexis; Williamson, Elizabeth
  • Use or Misuse: exploring the use of the internet at work for personal activities by Waring, Teresa; Bryans, Patricia
  • Working on the Chain Gang: escaping the prison of supply subservience by Barnes, David; Dyerson, Romano; Harindranath, G
  • An Examination of Candidate Web Sites as a Political Campaigning Tool in the 2007 Greek National Elections by Papagiannidis, Savvas; Coursaris, Constantinos
  • Evaluating monitoring systems in the European Social Fund context: a socio-technical approach by Federico Iannacci; Cornford, Tony
  • E-Services for Older People at Home: OLDES - a Digital Experiment? by McLoughlin, Ian; Maniatopoulos, Greg; Wilson, Rob; Martin, Mike
  • Virtual Communities: A Pathway to Increasing Returns by Patel, C.; Le Bourdonnec, P.
  • A perspective on e-Government feasibility and implementability in developing countries; towards a new theory by Rahimzad, Hossein; Sharifi, Hossein
  • e-Government, Transformation and e-Governance: an analytical review by Tassabehji, Rana
  • Access to Information in the e-Government Context: freedom of information deception or data protection menace? by Batista, Luciano

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