Event: The software platforms: When the open source business makes economic sense.

Time: 12.30-2.00

Venue: Culture Lab King's Walk Space 4/5 (1st floor)

While traditional "community-based" open source has had significant success in server room and "back office" applications, its impact on the desktop and in mobile devices has been more limited. The reasons for this will be examined by David Schlesinger, and current software platform efforts, particularly Google's Android, Apple's iOS, and Intel's MeeGo, will be compared and contrasted. The business advantages, drawbacks, and appropriate use of open source will be examined in detail, with reference to some real-world business cases. Come to listen to an active and vocal member of the burgeoning mobile open source community. David has vast business and engineering experience from companies like Apple, Palm and Access. He's been a chair of the Linux Mobile Foundation's Open Source Committee, a founding board member of the Open Media Now! Foundation as well as a member of the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board.