Consumer Experience with Immersive Technologies

Available through a variety of devices, these technologies present new opportunities for accessing brands' offerings in a visually exciting manner. Retail and fashion are, for instance, witnessing a transformation of the more traditional consumer journeys into changing models of decision making. New ways of providing information to consumers at relevant touchpoints have also given way to rising consumer expectations of meaningful, immersive encounters. With the rapid pace of technology development and deployment, ever more questions require valid answers. How can immersive tech deliver real value to consumers and how can marketers avoid deploying gimmicky traps? How can these sophisticated technologies be integrated in an intuitive way that enhances consumer experience? What are the most exciting marketing opportunities within this diverse group of immersive technologies? We will tackle these questions with highly skilled experts from both industry and academia who will offer a range of experience and reflections on this crucial topic, which the marketers of tomorrow need to reflect on today.

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