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Kim Guo

PhD Student

Kim Guo

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Xiaojing (Kimberley) Guo is a PhD candidate at Newcastle University Business School. She holds a Master of Science in International Business Management and a Master of Business Administration. Prior to her PhD, Kimberley worked as a Research Assistant at Queen Mary University of London for an Innovate UK/EPSRC renewable energy project, responsible for providing marketing consultancy and research support.

Kimberley’s research interests lie in the areas of technology adoption, productivity, health and well-being


Many of the publications below are available on Newcastle University's Eprint Service.


  1. Manika D, Antonetti P, Papagiannidis S, Guo X (2021). How pride triggered by pro-environmental technology adoption spills over into conservation behaviours: A social business application. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Vol. 172 [Open] Ebusiness Emarketing Ecommerce Research

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