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Akuzike Kamwanja

PhD Student

Akuzike Kamwanja

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After completing her BEd in Geography, Akuzike joined the Master of Science in Infrastructure Development and Management programme, specialising in smart systems, and later earned an international scholarship award for the Master of Science in Global Sustainable Cities. Akuzike is currently a David Goldman 2022 PhD scholar with Newcastle University Business School (PhD NUBS).

Prior, Akuzike worked within the academia in Malawi and consulted with Rewards Educational Services (UK) where she taught and coordinated research activities. She is keen on advancing research in digital systems to enhance links between the academia and industry, for sustainable development.

Akuzike is particularly interested in digital inequalities, user centred approaches, social and open innovation, big data and data analytics and city systems. Her dissertation analyses the impact of smart cities on well-being in the UK, with a focus on the digital exclusion, benefit realization and digital poverty nexus.