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Hamed Nayernia

PhD Student

Hamed Nayernia

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Hamed Nayernia is a PhD researcher at Newcastle business school. Hamed has an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering (2015) with technical engineering background and a master’s degree in the field of engineering management (2017) focusing on the emerging global space industry.

Hamed has previously worked in the engineering teams of Thomas cook airline at Newcastle international airport and is a member of the Royal aeronautical society and the British academy of management.

Research interests include Industry 4.0 and digital strategy as well as operations management / operations research and in particular interdisciplinary engineering management fields. Areas of interest include emerging concepts such as Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing as well as the study of new optimisation methods, business model innovation.

  • industry 4.0
  • smart manufacturing


Many of the publications below are available on Newcastle University's Eprint Service.


  1. Nayernia H, Bahemia H, Papagiannidis S (2022). A systematic review of the implementation of industry 4.0 from the organisational perspective. International Journal of Production Research. Vol. 60(14), pp. 4365-4396. [Open] Ebusiness Emarketing Ecommerce Research

Conference Presentations


  1. Nayernia H, Bahemia H, Papagiannidis S (2019). Implementing industry 4.0: Exploring the literature in a systematic way using text mining. Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB). Vol. 2019, pp. 242-252.

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