A day of E-nvigorating debate

NEDTN* Postgraduate Research Workshop at Newcastle University

This student-centred one day event was funded by the Newcastle Centre for Social and Business Information (SBI) and co-ordinated by Professor Feng Li, Chair of E-Business Development and Dr Savvas Papagiannidis, Lecturer in Information Systems and E-Business at the Business School. The NEDTN workshop provided the opportunity for postgraduate research students from different universities, working in the areas of E-business, E-government and information systems, to present and defend their research. In addition, students were able to share ideas and discuss their experiences with others working in the same field. The event was very well attended by students and Business School staff.

Throughout the day PhD students from Newcastle, Leeds, Bradford and Durham universities, who had brought along a prepared paper, gave presentations of their research and then participated in discussions. The breadth of E-business subjects covered was wide and ranged from E-commerce to E-music. Students were encouraged to debate and challenge each others presentation in a friendly and constructive environment. This was a unique opportunity for students to really think on their feet without fear of failure, to develop their communication skills and gain confidence in their ability to present their work.

During the day several members of Business School teaching and research staff contributed to the debate. Final discussions were based around some of the core areas which students had a particular interest in. These included ?career prospects? and ?how to procure a definition of research?.

The event was highly successful, with students keen to build on the experience with future events. In response, Professor Li and Dr Papagiannidis have set up a mailing list and online forum for group members to continue their discussions and to help develop ideas.


*NEDTN ? (North East Doctorial Training Network). This is a joint venture and involves the universities of the north, co-ordinated by Leeds University. Using its partners NEDTN runs a series of conferences throughout the northern region.

The Conference was funded by SBI (the Newcastle Centre for Social and Business Information)