Joint session: E-Business and the Cultural and Creative Industries.

Call for Papers, British Academy of Management Conference, September 2008.

The Cultural and Creative Industries track and E-Business and E-Government  Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management invite papers for a special session to examine  E-Business in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

Technological advances have always driven changes in the creative industries such as music, film and publishing, and the digital era has seen many such changes which have had a variety of impacts upon these industries.  Film, music and publishing industries have faced changing business models in response to both producing and ‘selling’ creative products.  E-commerce developments have influenced methods of collaboration, marketing and financial models in these industries as well as shaping the creative process itself.  Similarly, the cultural industries have engaged with new technologies and e-commerce in communicating with their customers as well as with other cultural organisations. 

We would like to invite papers for this joint session which will examine the impact which technological changes and e-business have had upon the cultural and creative industries.  We invite papers which address how new technologies have changed creative work, introduced new financial models and changed how customers engage with creative and cultural industries.  Additional topics related to the interplay between E-Business and the Creative and Cultural Industries are welcome as are papers from a wide range of methodological and theoretical perspectives.

For further information about this year’s British Academy of Management Conference can be found at  Authors should submit papers for this special session via the Creative and Cultural Industries Track, indicating that the paper should be considered for the special session on E-Business and the Cultural and Creative Industries.   General guidelines for submissions can be found at