e-Business & e-Government SIG Workshop


24th - 25th January 2008 - Caledonian Business School, Glasgow

Organizers: Dr Elizabeth Williamson, (Caledonian Business School), Dr Savvas Papagiannidis (Newcastle University), Professor Feng Li (Newcastle University)

Thanks to the sponsorship of BAM ebusiness & e-Government SIG and Caledonian Business School registration for this event is free.

Following the successful workshops at Newcastle and Brunel in 2006 and 2007, the BAM e-Business & e-Government special interest group would like to invite academics and practitioners to participate in another interactive workshop in Glasgow to explore emerging opportunities and challenges in e-Business.The main purposes are to

  • Identify emerging technologies and applications in e-Business;
  • Explore emerging methodological challenges in e-Business research;
  • Facilitate collaborations in research and publications amongst SIG members.

In the past few years, this SIG has successfully edited six journal special issues and one edited book, in conjunction with the e-Business & e-Government Track at BAM annual conferences and with SIG workshops between annual conferences.We are currently negotiating with a number of journal editors and book publishers for a new journal special issue.This workshop will provide a useful forum for you to test your ideas and shape the focus of the journal special issue as well as the agenda of the SIG in general.


In 2005, when Google share price jumped from $185 in March to over $400 in November, a debate emerged around whether we were on the verge of a ‘Second e-Business Boom’; or were we simply heading for an even more spectacular crash than the one in 2000/2001.By October 2007, the price topped $600, and by November 2007, over $700.Could this be justified rationally? In the last few years, some new – and not so new - developments are increasingly enabling new possibilities in the way we work, play, communicate, entertain and learn.In particular, on top of ‘traditional’ examples of text messaging, instant messaging, online chat and forums, social networking (my space), music and ring tone downloading, blogs, podcasting, Google (search), Wikipedia, eBay (auction), Amazon.com (e-tailing), Lastminute.com, EasyJet and so on, many new possibilities are increasingly opened through the so-called MMORPGs – Massively multiplayer online role play games.Some of them have increasingly become important social, economic and political spaces, which are intertwined with the physical and electronic spaces and places of our world.

The Workshop

These developments are not only posing serious challenges and opportunities in terms of new technologies and applications in different contexts, but also posing serious methodological challenges for researchers to effectively make sense of what is happening in a timely and robust fashion.This workshop will continue to adopt the successful format of two half-days, with a social evening in between.

Publication Opportunities

A journal special issue will be dedicated to these issues after the workshop and all participants are encouraged to submit your paper for consideration.

Abstract Submission & Registration

You are invited to submit extended abstracts (One side of A4) about emerging technologies and applications in e-Business; and/or emerging methodological challenges in e-Business research, by 10th of January 2008. To submit an abstract please send it via email to Dr Savvas Papagiannidis.

This event will be free of charge thanks to the generous sponsorship of Caledonian Business School in Glasgow.

Program - Download Abstracts

The Workshop will start around mid-day on the 24th January 2008 and finish the workshop at mid-day on 25th January 2008. Each speaker will have 30mins to present a paper which will be followed by 15mins of questions from the floor.

Thursday 24th January, 2008: Location Continuing Professional Development Building, Seminar Room 10, Caledonian Business School in Glasgow (Building shown as No 14)


Registration and lunch, kindly provided by Caledonian Business School

Welcome note - Prof. Feng Li & Dr. Elizabeth Williamson

Opening note - Martin Tognieri, Dean of Caledonian Business School,


Invited Speaker: Dr Stephen McLaughlin, KROBUS LLP: 'Information Systems: From enabler to barrier of organizational performance'


Jim Johnston :'Tackling a Monster! -The lessons learnt from adopting and implementing e-Commerce in a recruitment company.'


Coffee Break, kindly provided by Caledonian Business School


Dr. Federico Iannacci: 'An experiment in e-Government: the Criminal Justice System Exchange'


Dr. Elizabeth A Williamson: 'Corporate Wikis Supporting Business Partnerships'

19:45-22:30 - Dinner and networking: Piping Centre

Friday 25th January, 2008: Location Continuing Professional Development Building, Seminar Room 10, Caledonian Business School in Glasgow (Building shown as No 14)


Dr. Savvas Papagiannidis: 'The new retail drama: Case studies of real retailers in metaverses!'


Dr. Peter Duncan: 'E-business and the Funeral Services Industry in the UK'


Coffee Break, kindly provided by Caledonian Business School


Dr. David Wainwright: 'Implementing Inter-Organisational Electronic Health Systems: Developing a Causal Loop Modelling Approach'

Ken Currie: 'Are universities into e-Business?'
SIG Discussion and AoB
Closing note: Prof. Feng Li & Dr. Elizabeth Williamson


Participants will need to book their own accommodation. There are 4 hotels within 5 mins walk of Glasgow Caledonian University:

www.octopustravel.co.uk Park Inn (formerly Lang's Hotel) good quality accommodation, buy online for cheaper price (£20 cheaper per night)

www.ichotelsgroup.com Holiday Inn: Glasgow City Centre Theatreland AND Express Holiday Inn: Glasgow City Centre Theatreland

www.travelodge.co.uk Glasgow Central Travelodge

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