Mapping the terrain and setting the research agenda for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: An interdisciplinary sandpit

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From a research perspective, big data and artificial intelligence raises a host of questions: How will society, organisations and people be affected? Where will these losses and gains occur? What new industries and businesses will emerge? What innovations can we expect? How will relationships between the citizen and state be affected? There are no easy answers to these questions. As scholars and practitioners, our intention is to understand the current and future landscapes that big data and AI create: to develop and categorise deeper research questions, to suggest relationships and interdependencies and to make sense of the myriad of possibilities into a reasoned set of probabilities. Much of the research activity and funding into big data and AI has been in the Computer and Data Sciences arena. Little work or funding has been allocated to interdisciplinary, social science research. This sandpit seeks to redress this imbalance. The aim of the sandpit is that, over the two-day period, we will establish a shared research agenda around the topic of Big Data and AI, and agree detailed steps to progress our research agenda after the event. Our objective is, therefore, that by the end of the sandpit, we will have developed a clear set of joint research priorities around Big Data, and firm plans (next steps / action plan) to undertake a number of joint activities to progress our agenda shortly after the workshop - in particular, submission of at least one joint funding bid. The possible targeted activities that the organisers have in mind as a focus for the sandpit include bidding for funding; submission of special issue proposals; and so on. The precise nature of the subsequent activities will be shaped by the conversation over the course of the sandpit, and agreed on the final day with timescales and responsibilities allocated.

When: This event will take place on the 2nd and 3rd May 2018

Who Should Attend: This event is for research active academics with past research funding success and a publications track record. The sandpit is unsuitable for doctoral students. Following the event, the team will work together to write and submit funding bids, as agreed at the event.

Benefits of Attendance

  • Networking with colleagues with expertise in Big Data and AI
  • Opportunity to shape a shared research agenda around Big Data and AI
  • Opportunity to shape detailed plans for future research collaboration and funding bids

Location: Brunel Business School, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH

Organisers: Brunel University/Coventry University/BAM SIGs in OTCD, Strategy and E-business/E-governance