BAM2019 Professional Developmental Workshops

Tuesday 3rd September

SESSION 1: 09.00 - 10.30

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Management Practices (1235)

Location: MB708A, Main Building


Professor Ashley Braganza, Brunel University London, UK

Professor Maureen Meadows, Coventry University, UK

Professor Savvas Papagiannidis, Newcastle University, UK

This PDW builds upon a series of three workshops, over an 18 month period, organised by the facilitators. It is concerned with the impact of disruptive technologies on management practices within organisations and, more specifically, whether and how such practices make employees more engaged and productive. In other words, how motivated employees are and how empowered are they to take part in employer?s decision-making processes. Data and its use through machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) have become a strategic resource, presenting opportunities and challenges for organisations and individuals alike. Therefore, we want to examine the factors supporting and hindering the adoption and acceptance of relevant management practices, and in turn the decision-making that underpins the emergence of data-driven strategies and business models. Such changes can positively affect employee effectiveness, engagement and overall performance. Given the above, our intention is to discuss and explore the following during the PDW:

1) how can organisations develop dynamic capabilities to exploit AI and to enhance the relationship between such capabilities, employee work engagement and the adoption/acceptance of new data practices?

2) how can big data and AI enhance strategic decision-making at senior levels in organisations, with a view to developing new strategies or enhancing existing strategies?

The PDW is designed to be interactive ? following a short presentation, delegates will address these questions from theoretical and empirical perspectives.

Our longer term intention is to foster a group of academics who are interested in researching the effects of big data and AI on society, organisations and people.