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What is Ebusiness?

Prof. Feng Li's book 'What is e-Business: How the Internet Transforms Organizations' will be published soon by Blackwell.

The book provides a thorough, reflective introduction to business strategies and organisational innovations for the Internet world. This much-needed new text gives business and technology students the integrated framework they need to help them interpret the many, rapidly changing and frequently conflicting business phenomena in the e-arena.

Feng Li?s textbook is based on more than a decade of experience in teaching e-Business courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience levels. It takes the reader through the vast range of issues surrounding e-Business. What is e-Business examines key topics including:

  • New technologies and new business environment as the key context for e-Business
  • Emerging strategies and business models developed in response to the Internet and related technologies
  • Organizational innovations required to implement and manage these emerging e-Business strategies and business models
  • Many other issues can also be effectively integrated into this three layered framework. These include the transformation of industries, from banking, music, retailing and telecoms, to public services; emerging issues such as privacy, security, identity and online presence, and issues of legal, regulatory, ethical, social and political importance.