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Side Workshop

The SiDE workshop which took place in the Culture Lab, Newcastle University, on the 4th and 5th of October 2010, brought together the research teams of Newcastle University and Dundee University and they presented their work on SiDE. Prof Feng Li gave an insightful presentation about the role of the Business School on the SiDE project (Sustainable Business Models for an Inclusive Digital Economy), talking about the activities of all four themes of SiDE (smart homes, online communities and intelligent transport, creative industries). He emphasized the need for sustainable business models, tackling social exclusion with the use of digital technologies and creating business perspectives beneficial to all stakeholders. Especially for the transport theme, the need for business cases for ITS and the constraints towards it were explained. More research on the transport theme was presented by Dr Amy Guo, research associate in the Transport and Operations Research Group (TORG), Newcastle University, led by Prof Phil Blythe. Amy presented the results of a field study on elderly driving and safety.

IET Evening Lecture - Electric vehicles - The journey from power station to wheel

This evening lecture was organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) on the 7th of October 2010 at Newcastle University and was chaired by Prof Phil Blythe, TORG, Newcastle University. Electric vehicles offer the potential to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional petrol/diesel engine driven vehicles. The lecture explored the opportunities for greener transport in association with technical issues, such as safety, location and accessibility of charging stations, cost of electricity, regulations and policies over electric vehicles. Lots of interesting business related questions were raised regarding the costs and benefits of electric vehicles, the sustainability of the business as well as environmental issues. The lecture also included presentations by the NaREC (National Renewable Energy Centre) and One North East.

Digital Futures 2010 - Nottingham, 11-13 October 2010

We took part at the Digital Futures 2010 conference held in Nottingham. It was a great opportunity to watch presentations of many SiDE research partners, disseminate SiDE to the academic community and obtain a global view of the project. The conference also included presentations by various research groups across the UK on projects related to social inclusion and digital technologies. The conference was a unique opportunity to network with researchers across the UK and discuss about SiDE. The next Digital Futures 2011 conference will take place in Newcastle.